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Falling Skies Visitors Identified

Posted by planetzero on 2011-08-19 12:56:38 MDT

Propaganda Minister By Propaganda Minister

It took a while but I've finally identified the alien visitors from Falling Skies. The tall skinny ones are obviously in charge. They're the same visitors that last showed up on Earth in the 1977 during the Close Encounters of the Third Kind event. Of course the last time they pretended to be friendly and returned a lot of refugees to Earth. I'd guess that they held on to some others, took them home for study, and decided to return to Earth as attackers.

I have confidence that the local resistance can repel this threat but it will probably thake at least another year. If it goes too quickly there won't be any point in documenting additional TV episodes. Elvis has proposed that he'll captain a spaceship to the visitor's home planet and eliminate the threat at it's source. We'll probably go along with this and launch the mission.

Falling Skies Skinny AlienClose Encounters Skinny Alien

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Marketing to Space Travelers

Posted by planetzero on 2011-08-01 13:03:01 MDT

Propaganda Minister By Propaganda Minister

Some of our visitors on Earth have been noticing major corporations starting to advertise to space travelers. Everybody needs to eat so this has been very helpful. I've heard from some Zeroids there that KFC is their favorite. Others tell me that Thickburgers from Hardees & Carl Jr.s are the best. They're especially disappointed that the Chili Cheese Thickburgers are no longer featured.

Zeroids and most other visitors from outer space prefer restaurants that have a drive thru window. Most of us have eating habits that humans might find strange so we don't like to sit in crowded dining rooms. We can multitask easily so eating while driving is not a distraction.

It's gratifying to see that aliens from space have become such a large market segment that it's worth it for companies to target us in their advertising.

KFC in Rachel Nevada

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Dancing In Outer Space

Posted by planetzero on 2011-07-21 10:52:19 MDT

Michael Jackson By Michael Jackson

I've really enjoyed my time on Planet Zero but the most frustrating thing is finding places to dance. Dancing just isn't real big here yet. I've been trying, whenever I can, to teach the people here how to get some rhythm. They just don't have the same moves as my friends on Earth.

I want to give you a couple examples so you'll know what I'm talking about. I was at a friend's birthday party the other day and there were some families dancing there, like this:

Dancing Zeroid KidDancing Zeroid MomDancing Zeroid Kid

Then yesterday I went out to a club down the street. They have a very wild group of people there. There were some dancers trying to teach each other some new steps.

Dancing at the ClubDancing at the Club  Dancing at the Club

So you can see I have a lot of work to do to get these zeroids moving like they should. It's tough because I can't even tell the difference between the guys and the girls. At least I can tell the difference between the children and their parents.

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Can't We All Just Get Along

Posted by planetzero on 2011-07-13 14:28:56 MDT

Jimi Hendrix By Jimi

Hey man, I don't like all this talk about aliens killing people. I don't remember having many aliens on Earth in the 60's. Seems like there were more in the 50's and then again since the 80's. There's probably more now then ever, just coming from all over the universe.

Some people might think this is a good thing but I'm not so sure. All depends on what they're doing there. Are they looking to rob the humans, like my old managers did to me, or are they coming in the spirit of peace and love. From what I've seen lately I think some are nice but others aren't. I'd like to see everybody chill out and just groove. I think we didn't have many aliens on Earth in the 60's because it was a time for peace and love. If you could just get back to that then the bad aliens would probably go away.

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Been Watching Some TV

Posted by planetzero on 2011-07-11 11:42:01 MDT

Elvis By Elvis

First, I want to say Hi to my fans on Earth. I know it's been a while since I was in the building over there but I want you to know I'm enjoying it here on Planet Zero. They're working on some new casinos and I'm planning on doing some shows there pretty soon.

To get serious for a minute, I'm concerned about what's happening with space exploration on Earth these days. I don't see any new spaceship shows on TV anymore. Just  the same old reruns. The only new stuff I see have some kind of aliens invading Earth and having humans for lunch. This must have something to do with a new collective psyche or some nonsense.

I heard the other day that there won't be any more space shuttle action. I'm going to be doing a new song about it. I think I'll call it Blue Moon Over Florida. Maybe I'll change that, I'll let you know.

Folks, I think you need to talk to the people in charge of spaceships on TV and tell them that they need to come up with some new space exploration TV shows. If I was there, I'd do one myself. It'd be more fun than some of those movies I was in. Good luck and I'll keep you posted on my concert dates here.

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