Planet Zero on Earth

You've all heard stories of those cigar shaped UFOs. Those are ours. These are some pictures from sightings of our ships on Earth. Wow, they're not even close to accurate. Maybe it's the cameras, maybe it's the camera operators. Always easier just to blame the users. Anyway, it's amusing to read accounts of the other side of the story.

Over Peru 1952 Over Ohio 2005 Over U.S. carrier 1954

On the left is an artist's interpretation of a UFO sighting around Exeter, NH. Looks really nice but it's way off from the reality. The picture on the right is an actual spacecraft from Planet Zero, seen during a shakedown flight, manufactured by Cline Spaceships. They have a strange sense of humor.

Over Exeter Actual ship from Planet Zero

From time to time we send emissaries to Earth. They usually just have a quiet secret meeting with key Earth officials. However, a few times they have been seen and photographed. On rare occasions they have thrown their support behind certain election candidates. This takes all suspense out of the elections.

Meeting Earth politician Meeting another politician

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