Mutual Friends

These were our most frequent visitors. Usually they do something stupid and get themselves in trouble, then we have to bail them out. The people from the Federation are just the worst, always sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. Plus, they think they know it all. Then there's the Time Lord Doctor with the scarf who's just plain nutty. We not only have to watch out for where he is but when he is.

Found alone in the woods Looking For a Phone Booth Always Talking

That Xena girl and her sidekick Danielle were our first visitors from earth. There was some big fight and a warp developed in the fabric of space landing them on Planet Zero. They thought it was some kind of sign and vowed to go straight on their return to Earth. The bunch that comes here through the circular gate are our favorite visitors. They just crack us up. They're welcome to a meal anytime.

Girls From Long Ago People Who Came Through The Gate

These groups were a puzzle at first. Couldn't tell who's side they were on. After a getting acquainted period we decided they might be ok after all. The bunch on the right had a really nice robot. The bunch on the left are just always running away from something. We've had to repair their ships so many times they should buy an insurance policy from us.

7 Stayed For Lunch Slipped In On The Stream

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