Ancient Alien Civilization Near Dawn of Time

Thanks to new 4g wireless technology in use on Earth it is now possible for galaxies and planets all over the universe to connect to the internet. This is a big benefit for the planets in the Invisible Galaxy. We're hidden behind the recently discovered giant mystery blob. The blob has been named Himiko by astronomers on Earth. This was also the name of a mythical Japanese princess.

Himiko Himiko

It's probably impossible for astronomers on Earth to ever find us so these pages on the world wide web will be the only evidence that the Invisible Galaxy actually exists. We've been here a really, really long time and we're really, really far away.

Even so, thanks to our highly advanced technology we have been able to visit Earth and interact with humans. In fact there have always been visitors from the Invisible Galaxy on Earth and there are also many humans now visiting or living in the Invisible Galaxy.

We have lots of cool stuff for you to check out if you're interested in learning about our planets and civilizations. The latest news is available in the Invisible Galaxy Blog.

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