Energy on Planet Zero

On Planet Zero, and most of the galaxy, our energy originates from space. This requires locating natural energy sources, primarily cosmic strings and transmitting the energy back to the planet. Here is documentation from our first attempt to send energy collection devices to a string.

First energy mission preparations First energy mission blast-off

The transportation device carried energy collectors. At left, a detail of an energy collection prototype. The design is deceptively simple. In reality it must be able to store and transfer unimaginable amount of power. At right, a pair of energy collectors mining a cosmic string.

Energy collector detail Energy collector at cosmic string

On the planet, the energy must be received, stored, and resent locally as needed. Here is a picture of our original energy receiver during installation and again during the first actual test.

Energy receiver installation First test of energy receiver

As energy is required on the planet, these repeaters transmit it through the atmosphere. The energy systems are currently designed, manufactured, and maintained throughout the Invisible Galaxy by Cosmic String Energy.

Energy repeater construction First test of energy repeater

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