It has long been suspected on Earth that at one time there may have been life on Mars. Indeed, this is a fact. It appears from our documentation that it must have been the most populous civilization in the solar system

Martian City 3 Martian City 10

We can confirm that Mars was a planet with considerable water resources. Our documentary artist found evidence of many cities built on or around oceans.

Mars Island City 303 Mars Island City 304

Mars has been called a red planet and that can be true at times. Depending on the location, a great variety of coloring can be found in the Martian sky.

Martian Island City 2 Martian Island City 9

Some relics were also found - a lighthouse and some kind of monolith. The idea of monoliths on Mars have been theorized on Earth and the monolith involved in the Discovery One expedition was similar to the one shown below.

Martian Lighthouse Martian Monolith

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