Planet Artistic Apocalypse

Planet Artistic Apocalypse attempts to keep a record of the natural history of the universe. Over history, there have been countless apocalyptic events. The master artist James Douglass Haley has spent eons traveling the galaxies to record evidence of life and civilizations. The material collected is preserved for eternity in our limitless museums, at least we haven't found the limit yet.    Mr. Haley's ship
   Planetary Horizon on Planet Apocalypse Even in a solar system as small as the one containing Earth there have been many dramatic natural events. On Earth alone, life has been virtually extinguished and re-created many times over the course of 3 billion years. However, people of Earth will be surprised to know that advanced civilizations had previously developed on other planets in your solar system, though no evidence remains today.
We have delved into the archives of our Natural History Museum and are presenting here documentation of those civilizations. Mr. Haley is still working on location in a galaxy far, far away. He can be contacted through his communication portal if any questions arise.    Cityscape from museum's collection
   Mr. Haley's Home Mr. Haley is away from the Invisible Galaxy most of the time. On rare occasions he returns to consult for the museums. During those times he resides in his home which is a replica of a Dyson Sphere located on Planet Artistic Apocalypse.

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