Planet Zero

The Emperor of Planet Zero sends his greetings

Emperor Zero

Planet Zero has always been the most social planet in the Invisible Galaxy. We have sought out contact, information sharing, and cultural exchange with other inhabitants of the universe. Some places we visit are advanced and we can move about freely. Other places are not so advanced and we have to be careful. Until now, we've been very sneaky in dealing with Earth.

Friendly Visitors
In an attempt to pave the way for more open relations in the future, we are now willing to reveal some details of our activities on Earth and elsewhere. We have monitored all forms of communication on Earth and can reveal that most of what you have seen about outer space is not fiction, these events have actually taken place. All of your explorers using spaceships and other travel methods are real and we have known most of them.

Galaxy Air Transportation

Enclosed in case of bad weather

Personal high performance type

Fashion Trends

Casual Evening Attire

Comfortable On Steamy Afternoons