Planet Cline

Professor Cline

Planet Cline is one of the most advanced in the Inisible Galaxy. Professor Cline is it's most legendary scientific figure and the planet bears his name. He is seen here in a rare picture in his native environment. The professor was the first to leave the galaxy and travel through space in his own spaceship. The Professor found the Great Wormhole and rode it to an ancient stone bridge on your planet called Earth. Once there he discovered that others had found the wormhole and it has been documented in the book A Bridge of Time.

The professor's spaceship

The wormhole allows the professor to send back communications from Earth. He sent back this picture of his spaceship on Earth moments after he arrived there. Professor Cline studies unique elements of life. He's especially interested in strange creatures and historic monuments.

Bigfoot and Professor Cline in human disguise

His favorite achievement is his monument Foamhenge which is a replica of the well known Stonehenge which is a replica of the Ancient Stone Circle located on his home planet. He has recently adopted a creature called Bigfoot and he can be seen greeting visitors from time to time.

Popular Music

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