Communication on Planet Zero

On Planet Zero, as in most of the Invisible Galaxy, we communicate with each other in different ways. Zeroids still use basic language communication and we can also use telepathy. We all posses internal brain waves and it is a matter of converting these into external brain waves.

Internal brain waves External brain waves

Of course, there are distance limitations in telepathy. We have developed techniques to greatly expand the effective distance of telepathy using crystal skulls. Brainwaves are picked up and amplified by the skulls, almost eliminating distance limitations.

Standard skull Optimized shaped skull Optimized color skull

Different color and shape skulls can have extra good mojo and result in increased brain wave amplification. A group of skulls can work together to transmit even across vast distances of space. In fact some of our early visitors to Earth left crystal skulls there and a few of them have been found.

Optimized shape and color Skull group for extra distance

At times when our ships are visiting Earth they can leave messages for one another. They typically use patterns on the ground so that they can be seen from far above. These are two examples of patterns our visitors have made.

Zeroid ground message Another Zeroid ground message

We have noticed that some people on Earth have begun imitating our technique. These are two examples of human made pattern messages. This can be very confusing.

Human made imitation message Another Human made ground message

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