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The Invisible Galaxy is a website from outer space. It has been conceived , written, and published by it's inhabitants. In the event any internet users don''t believe that the Invisible Galaxy originates from outer space, you may consider it to be a fictional place, existing only in the minds of the authors.


Original content is intellectual property of the Invisible Galaxy, ©planetzero. The galaxy includes some material that originates from other sources. Doctor Who and Blakes 7 ©BBC, Andromeda ©Gene Roddenberry and Tribune Entertainment, Stargate ©MGM, Star Trek© CBS, Babylon 5 ©Warner Bros., Xena ©MCA, Mark Cline video clips ©Turner Broadcasting, Professor Cline ©Mark Cline, Van Der Graaf Generator images ©MIT Museum, Tesla Coil image ©Tesla Coil Systems, Paul the movie ©Universal Pictures, Franco Brambilla images ©Franco Brambilla.

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The Invisible Galaxy is currently not a commerical enterprise. We are not tracking you and we don't share information with any other orginizations.

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There is currently no cell or mail service from Earth to the Invisible Galaxy so we can provide no physical address that would be relevant. The only communication method available is this email address - propagandaminister AT

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